Why the construction industry?

Is crucial to the development of the spaces in which we live

Construction is crucial to the development of the spaces in which we live and in which we coexist as a society: houses, schools, hospitals, roads, airports and a long list of infrastructures are the result of the efforts of an age-old sector that today combines traditional know-how with major technical innovations.

It is an increasingly industrialised and innovation-driven sector that is constantly incorporating cutting-edge technologies that streamline its modus operandi. The BIM methodology, AI, robotisation and mobile technology are already a reality in the sector’s day-to-day operations.

As one of the country’s main economic drivers, the construction industry has a huge capacity to generate employment and offer endless career opportunities.

This strategic and dynamic sector has recovered its pre-pandemic levels of activity and is growing at a consolidated rate: 115,000 direct and indirect jobs, 10.7% of the Basque Country’s GDP and 12% of total employment.

The construction industry offers exceptional opportunities to anyone seeking employment, especially young people who want to build a professional future and a solid career in a sector with excellent prospects for the present and the future.

For more information on the construction industry in Biscay and the Basque Country as a whole, please refer to the annual report of the Association of Construction Companies and Property Developers of Biscay:

Other relevant information is available from the Construction Industry Observatory:

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